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KCCSS 2016 Calendar of Events

Meeting are the at Loose Park Garden Center starting at 1:00 p.m.

Aug 13-14, Show & Sale
September 18, Tri-city meeting in KC
October 16
November 20
December 11


About the Kansas City Cactus and Succulent Society

Started over 35 years ago the KCCSS has offered Kansas City a wealth of knowledge in it's members and in the events and programs the groups brings to the gardening community here. This group is known for the spectacular show and sale it has sponsored for over 35 years and recently for the hardy cactus and succulents sales it has hosted.  The club encourages visitors to attend meetings where you'll find plenty of hands-on workshops, beautiful slide presentations plus knowledgeable and interesting speakers. Meetings are a forum for information on growing, identification as well as a place where as much can be learned from the novice as from the seasoned old-timers.  Check out our events schedule and join us. Visitors are always welcomed!


 Welcome to the KC Cactus & Succulent Society!

We invite you to find out more about cactus and succulents here in the Kansas City area and around the globe.

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