I have just made a reservation for us at the Trailside Center, 99th and Holmes, for our next scheduled meeting on Sunday, July 15, at 1:30.  Here’s a link to the website, which mostly only has contact information and a photo of the building:   The center is located on the SE corner of the intersection, across Holmes from Gomer’s Liquors, if you happen to know that place.  I think you will like the space — it’s plenty big for one of our meetings, and it’s extremely accessible, with entry at the back (east side) from a parking lot with several handicap spaces.  There is more parking across 99th, to the north, where Patrikio’s restaurant used to be located.  It’s just a few blocks north of the Holmes exit from I-435, so that makes it easy to get to.  There’s no problem with our bringing refreshments and plants into the facility.  They don’t have a set fee, but they ask for a donation of whatever amount we feel we can afford.  Oh, and if you are interested in local history, especially regarding the Watts Mill area or the Oregon, Santa Fe, and California Trails, you will find lots of fascinating photos and exhibits to look at.
Before making the reservation at Trailside Center, I tried to reserve a room at the Waldo Library.  Unfortunately, the online reservation system had a list of groups that were eligible to reserve a room (501c 3 organizations?), and we weren’t on the list.  So I got frustrated and gave up trying!  
Anyway, regarding the business conducted during the picnic, we agreed that we wanted to continue meeting on Sundays, which is why we needed to find another space besides the garden center where we could meet.  
We also voted to proceed with the show and sale, but we will change the dates to Friday and Saturday, August 10 and 11, with setup on Thursday, Aug 9.  This will be contingent on our vendors’ being able to come a day earlier.  Mike Hisey (our treasurer) and I will be meeting at Loose Park tomorrow with some of the KC Parks people to get the Memo of Understanding that has been drawn up for our club.  This will have the exact fees that will be charged us and will include the discount for our volunteer work on the hardy cactus garden.  I will share the MOU with everybody via email tomorrow, so we can all see it and make any comments before I sign it.
I think that’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more news after we get the MOU tomorrow.

The Kansas City Cactus & Succulent Society Welcome! 

About the Kansas City

Cactus and Succulent Society

Started over 40 years ago the KCCSS has offered Kansas City a wealth of knowledge to its members and through the events and programs the group brings to the gardening community here. This group is known for the spectacular judged show it has sponsored for many years, along with the hardy cactus and succulent sales it has hosted.  The club encourages visitors to attend meetings where you'll find plenty of hands-on workshops, beautiful slide presentations plus knowledgeable and interesting speakers. Meetings are a forum for information on growing, identification as well as a place where as much can be learned from the novice as from the seasoned old-timers.  Check out our events schedule and join us. Visitors are always welcomed!


 Welcome to the KC Cactus & Succulent Society!

We invite you to find out more about cactus and succulents here in the Kansas City area and around the globe.

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2018 Calendar of Events

Most meetings are held at the Loose Park Garden Center (52nd and Wornall Rd.) starting at 1:30 p.m.

June – Mid-States Conference in St.  Louis,        no KCCSS meeting

July 15 – 1:30, General Meeting,Trailside Nature Center - PLEASE SEE IMPORTANT UPDATE BELOW

August 9 & 10 (Thurs & Fri) – Show Set-up

August 11 & 12 – Annual Show & Sale

September – Tri-City Meeting (Omaha?)

October 21 – 1:30, General Meeting,  Fern Room 

November 18 – 1:30, General Meeting, Rose Room 

December 9 – 12:00, Holiday Party